So You Need an Elemental

Here, have 144.

Inspired by @claymancers who requested help brainstorming types of elementals, the following list of 144 types came from my mind and others on Twitter. Some are ridiculous but even the ridiculous can serve to inspire other good ideas.

TSoutherland One Piece Tribute

Image by ~Ahmed~ via Flickr

I want to post this random elemental table here because it is largely drawn from devil-fruit types in the show One Piece, and I would want a resource like this in the event that I (or anybody else) designs a decent One Piece RPG. Interestingly enough, weaponized versions of the following could be handy for creative X-Com tech. For that matter, it’d work as inspiration for superpowers for supers RPGs like Capes!, and for Pokemon types as well.

To choose a random element, roll a 2d12 and find it on the table. What am I missing? What’s too ridiculous or too similar to another one? Leave a comment and I’ll add or remove as needed. I’d love to go to 2d20 worth of elementals!

Without further ado, enjoy this fodder for some unusual elementals:

Random Elemental Table

About Adam

Adam is a husband, an explorer of the inexhaustible, and a hunter for unexpected synergies and collaborative potentials. His explorations into RPGs began with DMing D&D, though lately he enjoys mining the potentials of diverse systems, especially Cortex Plus.
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