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No Luck Atoll – a Fiasco Playset

A while back, a post on RPG.net gave me the inclination to play a Gilligan’s Island themed playset for Bully Pulpit Games‘ Fiasco, but I was unable to locate anything that seemed to fit the bill.  Obviously, the only answer … Continue reading

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A Cortex Plus Primer

In my X-Com RPG posts, I’ve been assuming a certain knowledge of CortexPlus from my readers. For those unfamiliar with the system, here is a quick primer which I hope contains all you need to understand what I’m doing with … Continue reading

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Braving the Depths of the Dice Pool

Lately, I have been intrigued to no end by the little game Arcane Heroes by Michael Wolf available under Creative Commons at Stargazer’s World. It’s rules-lite (only 5 pages) and extremely slick for what it can do. I appreciate elegant and simple … Continue reading

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