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Action and Ambitions – Hacking Smallville RPG

I’ve been eager to try hacking Smallville RPG for the anime/manga One Piece to match its distinct style of storytelling (alternating intense emotional engagement between hope and despair, victory and utter defeat). In the process I feel like I may have come very … Continue reading

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Recap of Recent Musing: X-Com and One Piece

I’ve been pretty busy with some exciting projects lately, so I unfortunately haven’t been blogging in far too long. I aim to get back into it. Here are a couple things that have been consistent on my radar: X-Com and … Continue reading

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So You Need an Elemental

Here, have 144. Inspired by @claymancers who requested help brainstorming types of elementals, the following list of 144 types came from my mind and others on Twitter. Some are ridiculous but even the ridiculous can serve to inspire other good … Continue reading

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Playing One Piece: Crafting Epic Pirate Adventures

At long last, I have found a way to join two of my favorite pastimes: role-playing games and One Piece. One Piece is a story of adventure and friendship set in a world of islands and seas during a golden … Continue reading

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