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Expanding Fantasy Heroic Roleplaying: A D&D 4e Hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Dave “The Game” Chalker recently made an excellent foray into a 4e D&D fantasy hack for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Simple, elegant, and iconic hacks like this really show how well and how easily Cortex Plus adapts to diverse genre and source … Continue reading

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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying – Knockback & Chases

I am pleased to welcome Dave Thomas—Grimmshade on Twitter and rpg.net—as the newest contributor to Exploring Infinity. If you haven’t seen his contributions on rpg.net, Im’ glad to say he’s overflowing with excellent ideas and resources especially for MWP’s Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. … Continue reading

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Digging Into Infinity – Part 2: Taking 4e DnD in New Directions

Last time I explored the breadth of my recent gaming experiences. I expect I’ll be writing a lot in coming days about my terrific experiences lately with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying both for supers and non-supers games. Throughout it all, however, my core group … Continue reading

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Leveragin’ the Black – Gettin’ Things Rollin’

We’ve now got our characters for our Serenity Plus game, with their Stylin‘s, their Refinements, their Values, and the rest of the attributes rounding out their sheets.  But how to approach the actual game play itself?  How does the GM … Continue reading

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Expanding Experience – Why Games Appeal

Plainly said, I am enamored of simple, elegant design that makes complex realities both accessible and beautiful. I think this concept especially relates to story and games. When I experience life, it is just experience; yet bounded by particular parameters and cast in … Continue reading

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