Lost Files of Marvel! – Unofficial Datafile Index

Image Credit: Marvel.com (Marvel Universe MMO: Introducing the Writer) – used without permission

An index of unofficial fan-made datafiles included in the Lost Files of Marvel! thread on rpg.net.

They’re categorized as best I could manage, but I’m sure there are things I missed or better ways to organize them. Please let me know your ideas or suggestions for making this index more accessible and useful.

Most datafiles inspire plenty of discussion about suggested tweaks, changes, and variations after the initial post.

Marvel (Heroes/Villains) | DC (Heroes/Villains) | Dark Horse | Other | Original/Misc



Dark Horse



17 Responses to Lost Files of Marvel! – Unofficial Datafile Index

  1. senatorchatty says:

    Holy wows! Thanks!

  2. Estebs says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the collected list. If I may ask, please credit my own profiles… also, it is strange that you summed up The Question and Zsasz in the same line; the first one is a Hero, the second one is a Villain from the Batman comics.

    Anyway, when I have more time at home, I will drop you a line into separating the Heroes/Villains for DC Comics 😉

    • Adam says:

      Whoops, thanks for the Question bit, messed up my research somewhere along the line I guess.

      I started out without crediting the makers or listing the post number, so as I was going back to add post numbers I also added credits. Therefore, those that already had post numbers likely didn’t get credits. That’s why about half have them and half don’t. I’ll try to get credits to all of them before long. I appreciate good metadata in my catalogs.

      If you (or anybody) are willing to list which are yours, I’ll gladly add a credit to you.

      • Estebs says:

        Hey, not a problem. I was going throu the list and saw that almost everybody else on the DC list was credited and was momentarely… perplexed 😉 #592 and #628 were my posts, BTW.
        Will try to remember this place when the rest of the DC list I am working on gets released. Keep up the good work! This is a great resource.

      • Adam says:

        Gotcha. Done. Sorry to perplex you! Thanks for the encouragement. For some reason, I really enjoy this sort of cataloging work, or providing access to and thus maximizing the utility of other people’s excellent work.

        If I could effectively document and aggregate all datafiles I see without having to do the editing and updating, that’d be great. Something like a Datafile/MHR resource collector (like a Pinterest “Pin It!” script) would be stellar.

    • Gebeji says:

      For DC : Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Joker, Lex Luthor, Poison Ivy – Villains, the rest – Heroes, although Huntress and Red Hood could also be considered in between depending on your take on them, kinda like the Punisher 😉

  3. Jason Pasch says:

    This is awesome. Thanks. BTW, I believe Scott Free, Mister Miracle is a DC character.

  4. Just a quick correction – you’ve got Prometheus listed in the Marvel Villains section, when he’s a DC Villain.

  5. fredbeneti says:

    Congrats! I´m looking the datafiles of 4 villains of marvel… Madelyne Pryor/Red Queen, Abomination, David North/Agent Zero and Onslaught. Can you help me?

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