Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Collected Miscellanies

Many people have written terrific reviews, musings, resources, and content for the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game by Margaret Weis Productions. I’ve given it a fair amount of musing myself, but decided I’d start by compiling the useful unofficial fan activity into one place.

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Basic GameI know there’s much, much more out there. I’d love to keep adding to this list until it’s longer than my arm, so please leave a comment with links to more reviews, Actual Play reports, podcasts, fan-made datafiles/Events/Milestones/etc, and any tips, tools, and resources for players and Watchers.

The fan community’s creativity is what will ensure this game flourishes.

Official Margaret Weis Productions Website

Official Random Datafile Generator – An excellent resource for easily creating compelling heroes or villains (Added 3/29/12)

Official Example of Play (Added 3/26/12)

**All of the following links are unofficial fan content unless otherwise noted.**

Interviews ^

Reviews of the Basic Game ^

Actual Play Reports (Breakout SPOILERS) ^

Inspiration, Tips, and Resources

Resources (All are unofficial unless otherwise noted) ^

Tools, Tech, and Community for Online Play

Datafiles (Heroes and Villains) ^

Adventure Ideas/Story Inspiration ^

Campaign Pages (Settings with heroes, villains, events, etc) ^

Commentary and Tips ^

Examples of Play ^

Hacks – taking Heroic Roleplaying in new directions (settings/genres/tone/etc) ^

About Adam

Adam is a husband, an explorer of the inexhaustible, and a hunter for unexpected synergies and collaborative potentials. His explorations into RPGs began with DMing D&D, though lately he enjoys mining the potentials of diverse systems, especially Cortex Plus.
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21 Responses to Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Collected Miscellanies

  1. Hi,
    It’s a great collection of articles, good work!

    If I stumble upon some new links, or I write a new post on the topic I let you know.


  2. Good collection of articles. I’ve been playing with the system since it dropped, and I like it more as I mess with it. Got a review and some sample characters up at my blog, as well.

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  5. felipenerdcore says:

    It’s is bookmarked
    I will check on a regular basis to see updates.

    • Adam says:

      Great! I’ve tried to make it relatively clear when things are added, with the newest things added on the top of each list (unless part of another subset of items further down) but I’m not sure the best way about that.

  6. theroleplayer says:

    Wow, man. Just…. wow!

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  8. that70sbloke says:

    I’m working on another mass effect hack at:
    Also plan on doing one for Eclipse Phase

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  10. Worldwalker says:

    I’ve got an Exalted hack I’ve been working on I’d love to see added to the list.

  11. Mik says:

    Great collection of information!

    Episodes #51 and #52 of the Minions of the Monster Master podcast are Marvel Heroic RPG actual play episodes as well.

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