The Fierce and the Furry: Playing a Squirrel in DnD

Sounds pretty crazy, right? Or a whole lot of furry fun.

One of my regular DnD players honestly wants to play a squirrel adventurer. In his case, I think it’s a perfect option. Since he may actually use it, I decided to post it here, in case anybody else is crazy enough to want to taste the joys of squirrel adventurers in your own campaign.

I’m usually reluctant to produce and display new 4e material like this because 1) I know that if it’s not in the Character Builder, hardly anybody will use it, and 2) 4e already suffers from feat bloat and far too many other character options to handle. Still, I personally find little appeal in a race without a few flavorful unique feats for customization of the core concept. And I realize that tiered feats are on their way out, but hey it’s what I’m used to.

How would you represent squirrel-ness within the 4e mechanics? I first brought this idea up on Google+ where I considered giving squirrels the bonus, “You cannot fall prone”,  and possibly work out some specifics about how flanking works with a reach of 0. If you have thoughts on either of those issues, please leave a comment. If you have any critiques or ideas for other neat thematic feats, utility powers, or features definitely leave a comment!

If you’re in my G+ circles, you can see the whole original discussion thread on G+ here.

Without further ado, here is what you’ve all been waiting for, your chance to play squirrel adventurers in your next campaign.

About Adam

Adam is a husband, an explorer of the inexhaustible, and a hunter for unexpected synergies and collaborative potentials. His explorations into RPGs began with DMing D&D, though lately he enjoys mining the potentials of diverse systems, especially Cortex Plus.
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5 Responses to The Fierce and the Furry: Playing a Squirrel in DnD

  1. craggle says:

    Sheer madness! You’d have to be nuts to want to play this! 😛

    In seriousness though, this has a lot of awesome, in spite of the silliness of the concept. I mean, squirrel adventures?! Now chipmunk adventurers I could see…

  2. Matt Brenner says:

    I know that it is easy to write off the idea of an animal PC, so I am glad that you took the time to honor your player’s request and then share it with the rest of us. This is a quality character race. It is well balanced, and I need to keep it in mind for future games I may run. Thanks for posting it!

    • Adam says:

      Thanks for the feedback Matt. I hope you or others may make use of it, or at least derive inspiration from it. I’ll let you know our reflections if we end up with a squirrel adventurer in our game. He has built a squirrel assassin so far, but we had been exploring the possibility of a squirrel ardent.

  3. Adam says:

    As a follow-up, in case anybody’s curious, my player has been playing a squirrel Hero for the last five or so sessions. He uses half of this build, tacked on top of razorclaw shifter stats. He took tiny size with reach 0 (but an exotic tiny polearm with reach to regain reach 1), which also gives him doubled force movement but ability to move in enemies squares that are normal size or larger. It’s worked out fine so far, suprisingly well with no problems resulting from his squirrelness or size. He has a ridiculous level of stealth (he’s an assassin class) and often rolls in the 50s (he’s at level 16).

    If you have any further questions about it in use, leave a comment and I’ll happily discuss whatever interests you.

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